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Freedom Stairlifts has been offering patients, seniors, and veterans mobility solutions that help them to regain their independence and confidence. The stairlift products sold by Freedom Stairlifts can be used virtually anywhere in your house for staircases and bring about immense convenience and reliability. Our stairlifts are highly adaptable, durable, and engineered for comfort and safety.


About Hartsdale, New York

Hartsdale is located in White Plains, Westchester County, New York. In the past until the late 18th century, Hartsdale’s economy was predominantly reliant on agriculture until the development of railroads in the area and the Industrial Revolution. Hartsdale is also known for its museums, such as the American Museum of Natural History, the Keeler Tavern Museum, and the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art.

Need to Buy Stairlifts in Hartsdale, New York?

Freedom Stairlifts has offices located in New York which are accessible to the residents of Hartsdale. We sell various types of stairlifts which are suitable for outdoors or indoors. If you are looking to buy stairlifts in Hartsdale, then you should check out our stairlifts.

Outdoor stairlifts:

Curved stairlifts:

Straight stairlifts:

We also have assorted equipment available at Freedom Stairlifts:

Stairlift Services in Hartsdale, New York

We provide a variety of stairlift services in Hartsdale that is aimed at empowering our clients so that they can live independently, freely, and confidently. We also provide unlimited after-purchase stairlift support services to all our customers.

Stairlift Installation

Depending on the type of staircase your house has, we may need to adjust our installation methods accordingly. This is because straight staircases involve a fairly simple installation process while curved staircases involve more complex rail installation. Our stairlift installation services are quick and can be done on the same day as the delivery of the stairlift. Our team of dedicated stairlift professionals will head over to your house and can immediately start the installation process.

Stairlift Repair and Maintenance

We also provide stairlift repair and maintenance services for all our customers. Ideally, new stairlifts should be maintained every 12 months while older models should be maintained every 6 months. For faulty or damaged stairlifts, our team of stairlift technicians will head over to make the necessary repairs or adjustments and replace the stairlift if needed.

Freedom Stairlifts Is Your Go-To Vendor for Stairlifts in Hartsdale, New York

Freedom Stairlifts is a trusted and reputable brand that offers the best stairlift solutions for your mobility needs in one place. By purchasing from us, you can enjoy premium stairlifts at affordable prices.

If you want the best customer experience when it comes to stairlifts in Hartsdale, call us at +1 (201) 416-4092 or email us at info@freedomstairlift.com for more information.