Are you experiencing mobility issues that hinder your movement especially up and down staircases? Freedom Stairlifts has just the right solutions to let you achieve mobile independence anywhere you may be located. We can provide an exact fit to get easily installed onto the structure of your staircases within 24 hours so you can immediately start going about your day with ease and safety even without any support.


About Indoor Straight Stairlifts

Indoor straight stairlifts are suitable for staircases without any curves or bends, and landings or platforms where additional stops would be necessary. Indoor straight stairlifts have tracks that travel in a simple straight line which will be fixed directly onto the treads of stairs. The adjacent wall will not be imposed on, hence saving time, effort, and costs. This also makes indoor straight stairlifts compatible with any form of staircases, with a railing or without walls.

What We Offer

Below is a list of our most popular Indoor Straight Stairlifts:

  • Straight Stairlift Handicare 1000
  • Straight Stairlift Harmar SL 400 Vantage
  • Straight Stairlift Harmar SL 600 Pinnacle
  • Stairlift Harmar SL 300 Pinnacle
  • Straight Stairlift Handicare 1000
  • … and more!

Benefits of Installing Indoor Straight Stairlifts

Indoor straight stairlifts will allow users to channel their physical strength to other more important daily tasks. Instead of putting pressure onto their body while hiking up the stairs, they can easily ride comfortably and safely at all times. Indoor Straight Stairlifts provided by Freedom Stairlifts are easy to install and delivery will be within the same day. Thus, you can start gaining mobile independence at the quickest time possible. Different motor settings are available to allow you to choose exactly the speed that you can travel up and down the stairs to suit your personal preferences.

When Should You Install Indoor Straight Stairlifts?

Freedom Stairlifts recommends installing indoor straight stairlifts when you need assistance going up and down the stairs. If your staircases are straight without any curved rails or bends and extra landings or platforms, straight stairlifts would be suitable. Indoor straight stairlifts will enable you to regain that independence you once had going about your daily routine with ease even when you are on your own. You can look forward to going up and down the different levels of your house within a matter of seconds.

Choose Freedom Stairlifts for Reliable Indoor Straight Stairlifts

Freedom Stairlifts provides stairlift solutions from Acorn, Handicare, and Harmar in New York City. We have been a certified dealer since 2012, providing those who need mobility assistance with the right equipment they need. We aim to allow just about anyone with mobility issues to achieve mobile independence which they once had even without added assistance from others. This makes it convenient for those living on their own or those who wish to remain independent regardless of their given situation. Our products are priced the lowest in the market with fast installation and great service.



If you want to know more about our Indoor Straight Stairlifts and their specifications, do not hesitate to contact us today. Feel free to call Freedom Stairlifts at +1 (516) 494-9794 or 1+ (877) 677-LIFT (5438). Alternatively, you may also email us at