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Freedom Stairlifts offers user-friendly and convenient outdoor and indoor stairlift solutions in Little Ferry, New Jersey. We empower our clients to take ownership of their lives and to live safely, freely, and confidently. We are a certified stairlift dealer and are committed to providing service and product excellence to our clients and community.

We provide a variety of stairlifts to suit the different mobility needs of our clients and have an office conveniently located at 22 Maple Street Little Ferry, NJ 07643. If you live in Little Ferry, NJ and are looking for indoor and outdoor mobility solutions, do not hesitate to contact us or drop by our office.

Straight Stairlifts in Little Ferry, NJ 

Straight stairlifts are especially suited for seniors who experience mobility issues and have difficulty moving up a straight set of stairs. The straight stairlifts are installed directly onto the treads of stairs and consist of tracks that travel in a straight line. The straight stairlifts are also unable to maneuver any corners or sharp turns. 

Curved Stairlifts in Little Ferry, NJ 

Curved stairlifts are great for houses that have curved or spiral staircases. The tracks of the stairlift are designed to negotiate turns, beds, and corners. The curved systems of the stairlift are also fitted specifically to the contours of the staircase to ensure maximum safety and reliability. 

Outdoor Stairlifts in Little Ferry, NJ 

Outdoor stairlifts are sold in two types, either straight or curved stairlifts. The type of stairlift to purchasing depends on the pattern of the stairs. These stairlifts help to optimize comfort and safety when outdoors to prevent any accidents or aggravate mobility issues. 

Indoor Stairlifts in Little Ferry, NJ 

Indoor stairlifts also come in two different types, namely straight and curved stairlifts, and are specifically made for indoor usage. They help you to easily maneuver staircases without any risk of inflicting injuries and help to solve your mobility issues. 

Vertical Stairlifts in Little Ferry, NJ 

Vertical stairlifts ensure that you can move from one floor to another safely and without having to climb the stairs. Our vertical stairlifts are suited for people with disabilities and mobility issues by providing a vertical lift. 

Pre-Owned Stairlifts in Little Ferry, NJ 

Pre-owned stairlifts allow easier transportation between floors without any inconvenience or major discomfort. They provide advanced self-leveling carriages to ensure the user’s comfort.  

Stairlift Rentals in Little Ferry, NJ 

Rental stairlifts are a great and feasible option for homeowners who temporarily need a stairlift. Our rental stairlifts come in various shapes, sizes, and are durable.  

Refurbished Stairlifts in Little Ferry, NJ 

Refurbished stairlifts cost significantly less than an average stairlift and have been fitted with new features and stair rails that resemble new models. They also come with valid warranties so you can be assured of their quality. 

Wheelchair Lifts in Little Ferry, NJ 

Wheelchair lifts are suited for wheelchair users and the physically handicapped. They enable wheelchair users to move around their residence or workplace more freely and safely, thereby reducing the risk of serious injuries. 

Why Buy Straight and Curved Stairlifts from Freedom Stairlifts? 

Freedom Stairlifts provides lift solutions to empower our clients so that they can live independently and safely. Our stairlifts are easy to use, come with valid warranties, and can be customized to fit the design of the building.  

Want to know more about our stairlifts in Little Ferry, NJ? Feel free to call us today.