Are you or is someone in your family having difficulty navigating stairs? With an individual’s independence being threatened, it might be time to consider the installation of a stairlift. The benefits of stairlifts are many. In addition to helping make it possible for many of today’s elderly to stay at home, rather than go to a care facility, stairlifts provide comfort, prevent injuries, are easy to use, and are affordable.

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Both indoors and outdoors, stair lifts can be installed in a relatively short period of time.  Purchase your stairlift from Freedom Stairlifts, have our technicians install it in your home, and you’re assured a high-quality, comfortably priced, and user-friendly product.

About Manhattan

Referred to as “The City” by some New York residents, Manhattan is a New York City borough. Of the five boroughs, it is the most densely populated and serves as the historical birthplace, cultural identifier, and administrative and economic center of the city. Manhattan Island makes up most of the borough, bounded by the Harlem, East, and Hudson rivers. With a total area just over 33 1/2 square miles, Manhattan’s population now exceeds 1,628,700 residents. Tourists to the area should consider stops at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Times Square, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty Monument, the Museum of Modern Art, and Central Park.

Need to Buy Stairlifts in Manhattan?

At Freedom Stairlifts, we have several options, one that will undoubtedly be perfect for your purposes. Our choices are as follows:

Outdoor stairlifts:

  • Harmar SL 300 OD 
  • Handicare 2000 (outdoor curved)
  • Handicare 1000 
  • Acorn-Brooks 130

Curved stairlifts:

  • Multistory Chairlift Handicare Vermeer
  • Handicare Van Gogh
  • Harmar CSL 500 Helix 
  • Handicare 2000
  • Handicare Rembrandt
  • Bespoke the Infinity
  • Acorn-Brooks 180

Straight stairlifts: 

  • Handicare 1000
  • Handicare Xclusive LR
  • Handicare 1000 XXL
  • Handicare Simplicity Plus 
  • Handicare Simplicity
  • Harmar SL 300 Pinnacle
  • Harmar SL 600 HD Pinnacle Heavy-Duty
  • Harmar SL 600 Pinnacle Premium
  • Harmar RL 400 Vantage
  • Bespoke the Synergy Straight Chairlift
  • Acorn Brooks 130

 We also have assorted equipment available at Freedom Stairlifts:

  • Wheelchair ramps and elevators (both outdoors and indoors)
  • Residential elevators
  • Perch lifts

Stairlift Services in Manhattan

Stairlift Installation – We have different options for installation available from Freedom Stairlifts. Same-day installation for emergency situations – as well as 24-hour installation – is available. You will always receive expert installation, superb customer service, and – for added convenience – the area will be completely cleaned up when our technicians have finished the project.

Stairlift Repair and Maintenance – On rare occasion, a problem may arise with one of our systems. But don’t worry! We provide stellar support to each and every one of our clients. No matter your question, feel free to ask. We’ll talk to any family member who contacts us.

Stairlift Services in Manhattan

The easy-to-use products from Freedom Stairlifts have earned special praise. We were the first to receive prestigious recognition from the Arthritis Foundation: The Ease-Of-Use Commendation.

We are the preferred New York’s stairlift provider. With numerous satisfied customers, we have abundant positive reviews on Google.

Freedom Stairlifts is Your Go-To Vendor for Stairlifts in Manhattan

We work with a number of stairlifts including refurbished, high-performance, and preowned at our one-stop-shop location. Only the best manufacturers in the United States supply us with products. We also boast the lowest prices in all of New York State and New Jersey.

If you want the best customer experience when it comes to stairlifts in the Bronx, call us at  +1 (516) 494-9794 or email us at for more information.


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