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At Freedom Stairlifts, we strive to empower users to regain their confidence and independence by offering a wide collection of indoor and outdoor lift solutions. Through our variety of stairlifts, users can easily navigate their homes with ease and comfort even with no ready assistance. From straight stairlifts to curved stairlifts and outdoor stairlifts, Freedom Stairlifts is a family-owned business that you can trust. We have been serving the community for a decade and we are well-versed in every aspect of stairlifts. Our team is ready to assist you in securing the most suitable type of lift solution that will be personally installed and maintained by us. For professional recommendations, get in touch with us today.


About Nottingham, New Jersey

Nottingham is an unincorporated community that can be found in Hamilton Township of the county of Mercer, New Jersey. It got its name from Nottingham’s English town which was settled by English emigrants. Nottingham is situated in the area of Mercerville-Hamilton Square.

Need to Buy Stairlifts in Nottingham, New Jersey?

Freedom Stairlifts specializes in user-friendly indoor and outdoor lift solutions that are set to empower you to live in freedom and safety. Please see the following options:

Outdoor stairlifts:

Curved stairlifts:

Straight stairlifts:

We also have assorted equipment available at Freedom Stairlifts:

Stairlift Services in Nottingham, New Jersey

Proper installation is key when it comes to any type of equipment including a stairlift. We have a team of experienced technicians who will be performing every installation. You are free to schedule an appointment for an installation slot that best meets your personal schedule. For emergency cases, we also provide 24-hour installation so your stairlift will be ready for use whenever you need it. All installation is done according to industry standards so you can rest assured that you will get to enjoy optimum safety and comfort.

To ensure that you get to use your stairlift for as long as you need it, you can register for our maintenance services. Our team of professional technicians will keep your lift solution at peak performance so you do not have to experience any downtime that can restrict your mobility. For users who have any technical problems with their stairlifts, we also provide repair services to help their equipment get back in top shape.

Regardless of your personal needs, our team is here to provide professional assistance. We can recommend the most ideal lift solution that fits your type of stairwell and the type of access that you need around your home.

Freedom Stairlifts is Your Go-To Vendor for Stairlifts in Nottingham, New Jersey

Trust Freedom Stairlifts for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor solutions. We have been serving the community for a decade now and our expertise has enabled us to understand the varying needs of users. Regardless of the layout of your home and the type of lift solution that you need, we have just the right type of product for you. Our team is equally experienced in stairlift installation and maintenance so you can keep using your stairlift for as long as you need it without experiencing any downtime.

If you want the best customer experience when it comes to stairlifts in Nottingham, call us at +1 (516) 494-9794 or email us at for more information.