Bespoke The Infinity Curved Stair Lift

Your home should never become an obstacle and using the stairs should be easy and safe even if you are experiencing mobility issues. Don’t worry; help is here. Introducing the Infinity Curved Stairlift! Individuals can now continue enjoying their homes without worry. Our smart stairlift solutions complement a wide range of home interior designs and the various options and tailor-made designs mean we truly are ‘Bespoke’.


About the Infinity Curved Stairlift

This Infinity Curved Stairlift was designed to fit most curved staircases and suit a wide range of users. This bespoke stairlift system offers near-silent operation and supreme comfort. Thanks to the use of high-quality parts, this Infinity Curved Stairlift is built to withstand frequent use. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that this stairlift system comes with the best possible safety features. The stairlift’s multi-point sensors ensure that it automatically stops if unexpected objects get in the way. Users may also opt for an optional retractable seat belt, removable key switch, or armrest safety stop for increased safety and ease of use. Because the Infinity Curved Stairlift is capable of battery powered operation, it can even continue working in the event of a power cut.

Why Choose Freedom Stairlifts?

Our company is recognized as a certified stairlift dealer and we provide both indoor and outdoor stairlift solutions at the most competitive rates. Our curved stairlift specialists will assess your mobility needs and choose products that help you regain your confidence, independence, and a sense of freedom.

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