Bespoke The Synergy Straight Stair Lift

Are you looking for a slim stairlift to fit your straight staircase? If so, look no further than the Synergy Straight Stair Lift, which comes in a range of upholstery colors to match your home décor. Your home should never be a place that is inaccessible to you – get a stairlift that will solve your mobility issues today.


About the Synergy Straight Stairlift

This Synergy Straight Stairlift makes use of one of the slimmest rails in the world, ensuring that it will not be an obtrusive addition to your home. Its toggle switch is easy to control, even for users with reduced dexterity, thanks to its ergonomic design. With a remote control, you can easily operate your stairlift from anywhere in the house, even if you are not using it. The digital diagnosis display makes the stairlift easy to understand – instead of having to decipher digital codes, flashes and beeps, you will always know when your stairlift is in need of charging or fully charged with one look.

Why Choose Freedom Stairlifts?

Freedom Stairlifts is a recognized and certified stairlift dealer that offers both indoor and outdoor stairlift solutions at the most competitive prices. When you first come to us, our stairlift specialists will assess your mobility needs and the type of staircase you have in order to recommend the most suitable product for you.

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