Do not let your mobility issues bring you down and affect both your physical and mental well-being. Freedom Stairlifts can help get you up and down the steps without any added pressure or effort. We can assist lift-off that burden from your shoulders by providing a comfortable staircase ride that is also safe and quick. Let us take a sample of your staircase structure to ensure to develop a stairlift that fits perfectly for easy installation.


About Indoor Stairlifts

We provide two different types of indoor stairlifts - namely the curved stairlifts and the straight stairlifts. Before deciding on which one best suit the structure of your staircase, carefully inspect the stairs to determine several factors. Firstly, check to see if there are any bends, curves, platforms, and staircase landings. If there is none of these, the straight stairlifts are the perfect choice. They move in a single straight line without stopping halfway through. As for the curved stairlifts, they can maneuver corners or bends and even spiral staircases.

What We Offer

Below is a list of our most popular indoor stairlifts:

  • Bespoke The Synergy Straight Stairlift
  • Straight Stairlift Handicare 1000
  • Straight Stairlift Hammar SL 400 Vantage
  • Bespoke The Infinity Curved Stairlift
  • Curved Stairlift Harmar CSL 500 Helix
  • and more!

Benefits of Installing Indoor Stairlifts

Indoor stairlifts can let you maneuver staircases on your own without any risks of inflicting injuries. Instead of adding pressure to your body on a regular basis, simply hop on the indoor stairlift and get moving up and down the steps to get about your day. Stairlifts are easy to install and use which will eventually allow you to regain the independence that you once had.

When Should You Install Indoor Stairlifts?

You should install indoor stairlifts when you discover that going up and down the stairs pose a serious threat to your health on a daily basis. By riding the indoor stairlift, you can address your mobility issues even if you are staying on your own. You can choose the straight stairlift should your staircase have a simple straight forward structure, whereas the curved stairlift lets you ride cornered rails and bends with ease.

Choose Freedom Stairlifts for Reliable Indoor Stairlifts

We have been around since 2012, helping families in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, NYC, and Connecticut work around their mobility issues with our stairlift solutions. We are a certified dealer of Acorn, Handicare, and Harmar in New York City, thus quality and service are guaranteed. Our installation process is quick and easy and we offer same-day delivery or within 24 hours after an order is placed. Our stairlifts are priced at the lowest rates in New York and New Jersey so just about anyone can afford to go up their stairs in comfort independently.



Indoor Straight Stairlifts


Indoor Curved Stairlifts

If you want to know more about our indoor curved stairlifts and their specifications, do not hesitate to contact us today. Feel free to call Freedom Stairlifts at +1 (516) 494-9794 or 1+ (877) 677-LIFT (5438). Alternatively, you may also email us at