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Simple Ways to Thank Your Seniors On This Thanksgiving

Recently, the New York Times published an article that suggests, parents who want to teach their children to be giving should begin by making them realize how much they had received across their lives. Some say, that once our children acknowledge their past, where they came from, and recognize the people who have helped them, they begin to understand the concept of being thankful. The Thanksgiving holiday is the ideal time to share with children and loved ones what were the things and who were the people who helped them throughout their lives.

Seniors have the gift of time - they have lived through many seasons and life has seasoned them in many ways. There is no one more qualified to tell stories of times where they were helped or helped someone, how thankful they were for the little subtleties that carry them through joy and tears.

Thanksgiving provides the ideal setting for saying thank you and sharing experiences of gratefulness. Our elderlies deserve our respect and thankfulness for they have helped shape the society we experience nowadays, our rights, our ethics, our technological advancements and so much more. So here are some ideas to express your love and thanks to them:


Spare Some Time To Listen To Them

There is so much we can learn from their experiences, and they love to share them. When they have the chance to share their life stories, you help them give additional meaning to their experiences validating their lives. You may even want to join StoryCorps who is providing a free app to help people record and share their family stories this Thanksgiving.


Give Them A Handwritten Note Or A Letter

You will create an instant connection. Written letters are slowly fading away. By doing so, you will make them feel appreciated and also bring memories of the times they use to write handwritten notes to their loved and dear ones.


Honor Them With Service

If you’re already at your grandparents’ house, look around for ways to help them out. Rake their leaves or wash the dishes, any small act of service will do. But never touch their belongings without prior authorization. They like to keep things organized in their fashions; it enables them to feel they are in control of their lives, even though the age approaches.


An Image Is Worth More Than A Thousand Words

Take a picture with them. For many families, getting everyone together is rare and unique. Document every moment with a photo and create an album and send it to them.


Nothing Says I Love And I Care About You More Than A Phone Call

Especially, if you can’t be with them in person, calling or Skyping family and friends can help them to feel loved even though you’re far away.


Surprise Them With Something They Will Enjoy

Think of their favorite dessert, a card, or a poem, use your imagination to make them something they enjoy.


Inspire Others To Reproduce This Act Of Love And Kindness

User Social Media to post pictures of your grand-parents or things you do to make the life your community elderlies better. Your friends and family may even join in to share in the love. A video is also a very valid way to express your love and respect for them, so do not be shy.


Give Them The Attention They Deserve

Put your phones on mute and only pick them up if you intend to create an interactive moment.


Every day should be a Thanksgiving day. Never wait to express your gratitude for your seniors, dear and loved ones. Life rushes like a gush of wind and when we realize, the time has already passed. Help them live independently, enable them with easy-to-use technology, mobility products like stair lifts. Show them life only gets better when you are older.