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Stairlift Needs to Empower Company's Ideals With New Name - Freedom Stairlifts


New York City, NY., June 11th, 2017 — Stairlift Needs announced today the launch date to its new website that will present the company’s new name and logo, in recognition of its focus on offering customer-centric solutions to its clients, following this year’s market expansion and 10th anniversary.


“Stairlift Needs above all else is a customer-centric company committed to serving our diverse communities. Our ideals of promoting our customer’s well-being and physical independence through stairlift solutions are our number one priority,” said Noel Cano, CEO and sole proprietor of Stairlift Needs. “Our clients have been proud and fully satisfied with our products and our customer service for the past 5 years. We have built a strong reputation through the offering of reliable and affordable products and services. The company’s new look and name unify our brand through the 3 states where we do business.”


Stairlift Needs celebrates 5 years of market and to has decided to enhance the brand ideology of community, physical independence, and socialization through a complete rebrand. The changes will take complete effect in July 2017. The website will come bearing new service packages and products and a promise of best-market price and customer service. The current logo was created to resemble the ideals of freedom and socialization. The new logo aims to enhance and empower the same ideals that gave origin to this company - accessibility, socialization, freedom, and stronger community building.


“We have been a stronger supporter of the Veteran community and will create even more opportunities to enhance our war heroes life quality”, said Noel Cano, CEO. “The new service package offer is jaw-dropping”, announced the Marketing Department.



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