Advice On Choosing The Best Stair Lifts For Your Needs

With the many options around, it may be confusing when choosing a stair lift to install in your home. A stair lift can help enhance mobility, providing peace of mind and freedom to those who have problems moving around easily. Before you choose a stair lift, there are several important things that you should keep in mind. Read on to find out what you should consider before deciding on which stair lift to install.

What Other Options are There Apart from Stair Lifts?

Knowing other alternatives to stair lifts will be helpful. Although a stair lift is generally safe and reliable, if someone in your house has special needs and are unable to manage an independent transfer to the stair lift, you may want to consider other lift options instead. Every solution has its pros and cons, and are worth researching about before you decide on the type of lift to install. If someone in your home cannot manage independent transfers, other options that are more practical for them include vertical platform lifts and inclined platform lifts.

What is the Seat to Floor Height for Safe Transfers?

Sometimes, companies that supply stair lifts underestimate functional aspects on how those with mobility issues manage safe transfers to and from the stair lift’s chair. It is important to find out what height is appropriate for safe transfers as stair lifts can be a significant investment. It is different for people depending on what their unique needs are. For example, the height varies for someone doing a scooting transfer as compared to someone doing a squat pivot transfer. Knowing the height can impact which system you deem most suitable for your household. If you have a therapist, you may check with them to verify the optimal height for safe transfers that keeps it safe and comfortable for those using the stair lift.

Which Type of Control Works Best?

A limiting factor for some individuals living with disabilities is the strength in their arms and hands. Depending on who the stair lift is catered for, there are different types of joysticks and controls for home owners to choose from. Some systems also have remote controls, and these controls are modifiable to make it even easier for those seated in the stair lift to control. As such, it is important for a homeowner to know the difficulties and limitations those who use the stair lift face in order to choose a system that is best suited for their needs. This helps the homeowner make an informed purchase.

Looking to Install a Stair Lift in Your Home?

Here at Freedom Stairlifts, we are committed to providing stair lift solutions for our clients so that those who have difficulties moving freely can access different parts of the home with ease and confidence. We have a wide selection of stair lift solutions, including solutions for both straight and curved stairs. Since our inception in 2012, we have helped many make their home more accessible and movement-friendly. Contact us to find out more about the stair lift solutions we provide today.


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4/15 — 5 Ways Stairlifts Can Reduce Fall Risks

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