Cost Differences Between Rented, Custom, Outdoor, And Refurbished Stairlifts

How do you decide which type of stairlift to rent or buy? There are many cost differences refurbished stairlifts considerations to take into account when determining the best option that fits your needs, preferences, and budget. Below we break down the benefits and drawbacks of three main types of stairlifts: rented, custom-made, and outdoor stairlifts. We also give an overview of refurbished stairlifts and their potential advantages over brand new ones. In the end, your decision will depend on your preferences, priorities, and financial resources. You can make an informed choice that will satisfy all your needs while staying within your budget with some thought.


Renting a stairlift is one of the least expensive options for many budget-conscious people. The good news is that you can rent them with insurance coverage in place. But it\’s essential to keep in mind that once you lease your equipment, it becomes your responsibility to fix or replace it if anything happens to it. You also don\’t have any control over when they come out to service it. With renting, you usually pay monthly for a specific period of time and can cancel at any time without penalty.


Why choose an outdoor stairlift as opposed to a standard indoor one? Quite simply: versatility. The beauty of an outdoor stairlift is that it can be used in multiple areas and can accommodate different inclines and surfaces. Perhaps you need a stairlift to get down to your backyard pool or down to a dock so you can fish or swim. An outdoor stairlift is able to handle these types of surfaces quite easily because they are made from heavier duty steel and aluminum that aren\’t flimsy like indoor versions, which make them perfect for outdoor use.

A number of factors determine the cost of an outdoor stairlift. The size and weight capacity are important because larger lifts carry more weight. If you have to go up long flights of stairs, you\’ll need a lift that has longer legs for stability. An outdoor stairlift can also be customized with special features like handrails or heaters to keep users comfortable in different temperatures. It\’s easy to find discount prices for refurbished stairlifts but bear in mind that brand new models come with warranties and experts to help get them working correctly when they arrive on site.


Custom stairlifts are usually designed with a sleek, modern look. Manufacturers use custom stairs when they want to make an impression in their customer\’s home or office. A specially designed stairlift can be more comfortable and easier to use than other models because it is built specifically for your space. A custom stairlift can cost more than one that comes in a box from a medical supply store, but you will have better quality control if you buy it through a manufacturer who specializes in home improvements or who specializes in building outdoor products.

If you have a custom stairlift installed in your home or business, staircase size and layout factors can determine cost. If you have a landing at the top of your stairs, most custom lifts will require less concrete than an outdoor lift. That being said, most customization is driven by customer preference and only adds to a stairlift\’s overall cost—a cost that can reach upwards of $10k for a single-user system. Another factor that determines the cost is battery life: standard lift batteries last around 8 hours on a single charge, whereas high-capacity lithium-ion batteries can run for up to 16 hours before needing another charge.


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