Five Benefits Of Stairlifts For Churches

One of the great advantages of having stairlifts is that they help to improve access for your congregation. While stairlifts may seem unnecessary in your church, the truth of the matter is that they can help to improve your parishioner\’s experience. 

Here are a few reasons to consider installing stairlifts in your church.

Improve Access

As people age, it becomes increasingly difficult to climb stairs or even to use normal escalators. When this happens, you may find that your congregation may end up occupying certain areas of your church while other parts are empty. This is not only an inefficient way to utilize space but it also means that your congregation will not be comfortable. When you use stairlifts in your church, you ensure that all congregants can access all areas of your church and this results in a much more comfortable and even use of the existing space.

Increased Safety

Accidents can happen anywhere including in church and this can lead to serious problems for you. For example, staircases are prime spots where falls happen. This is both tragic and can also lead to serious legal problems. They are especially dangerous for parishioners who have balance issues. With a stairlift, this becomes a problem of the past as stairlifts are able to carry congregants safely to elevated levels. The seats of the stairlifts are usually secured and the passengers strapped in. This further reduces the risk of falls.

Makes Your Church More Welcoming

When the church management goes out of its way to ensure that all congregants are comfortable, it can have a powerful effect in making them feel welcome. While parishioners expect basic stuff such as seats and so on, it takes a very thoughtful church to consider installing stairlifts in order to make their church accessible. This goodwill is often appreciated by the congregants.

Crowd Control

By ensuring that some of the congregants have stairlifts to help them move up and down, your church management ensures that other parts of the church have less traffic. For example, the last thing that you want to do is to have people crowding around staircases and elevators. Not only is this unsafe but it also increases the chances of accidents. Stairlifts effectively distribute people around different areas and elevation mechanisms, ensuring that your crowd control team has an easier time.


One of the amazing things about stairlifts is that they can be built around existing infrastructure, making them very cost-effective. Unlike escalators and lifts that require extensive work, stairlifts can be installed relatively quickly and easily. They are also super easy to maintain. As long as you are working with a professional stairlift expert, you will never have to worry about extended downtimes as the system is being serviced. The relative simplicity of stairlifts also means that breakdowns are rare and easily fixed.


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