Outdoor Curved Stair Lift Handicare 2000

Is your front walkway, porch, deck or garden accessible only via curved steps or a staircase? If so, you will love the Outdoor Curved Stair Lift Handicare 2000. Do not let mobility issues prevent you from getting around your own home with ease – let a specially designed outdoor stairlift restore your sense of freedom, independence and confidence.


About the Outdoor Curved Stair Lift Handicare 2000

Not only is the Outdoor Curved Stair Lift Handicare 2000 made of weather-resistant materials, its smart seat is fully customizable to your unique needs and preferences. With optional arm spacers and an adjustable height, width and depth, you can make the seat comfortable for you. This stairlift is durable and easy to clean, coming with a UV protected upholstery that can resist cracking and fading. It also comes with a protective waterproof cover to shield it from the elements when not in use and ensure that it is always ready when you need it.

Why Choose Freedom Stairlifts?

As a certified and recognized stairlift dealer, Freedom Stairlifts is able to offer staircase mobility solutions at the most competitive prices, whether you are looking for something to suit your outdoor or indoor needs. Our stairlift specialists always aim to understand your unique needs and the type of staircase you have in your home before recommending the most suitable product for you.

For more information about our Outdoor Straight Stair Lift Handicare 2000, feel free to contact us today.

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