VM Through-Floor Lift

If you have been searching for a lift that offers unmatched independence for yourself or your family members, the VM Through-Floor Lift is the ideal choice to pick. It has internal controls that are user-friendly and other control options that are available for customization. Almost anyone is able to easily operate the VM Through-Floor Lift without any additional assistance. For more information regarding this lift, seek the advice of our friendly team at Freedom Stairlifts.


About the VM Through-Floor Lift

The VM Through-Floor Lift is designed to cater to wheelchair users and seated occupants. It is a highly practical lift that has been improved over a span of more than 20 years since its first launch. This makes the VM Through-Floor Lift the perfect option for domestic accommodation. The lift can be customized according to the size customers require so that a nice fit can be maintained to ensure safety of use. The VM Through-Floor Lift includes a variety of safety features such as an in-car alarm, top and bottom lift sensors, and fire seal.

Why Choose Freedom Stairlifts?

By shopping with Freedom Stairlifts, rest assured that you are getting top-notch products that have passed intensive inspection processed by third-party services. Each lift comes with different warranties for parts and motors and installation is performed by credible personnel with years of field experience. Our topmost priority is the safety of our consumers so offering durable and exceptional quality is what our catalog of products showcases.

For more information about our VM Through-Floor Lift, feel free to contact us today.

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