The 2022 Guide To Stairlift Installation Costs

Many people wonder how much a stairlift will cost. The truth is that there is no straightforward answer to this question. A stairlift is a highly technical piece of equipment, and there is no one solution for everyone. Think about your staircase, will the stairlift move in a straight line or does it need to change direction and bend a corner? This will affect how much your stairlift is going to cost. Read on for a guide to stairlift installation costs!

Straight Stairlift Prices

If your home has a straight staircase, you can budget from $3,250 to $7,500 for a new stairlift. The average cost will likely end up somewhere in the middle of the range. These prices include installation as well as the service warranty. Some cost variations are due to the differences in models and manufacturers. While the cost may seem high, you should consider the costs of alternatives. If you want to move out of your multi-story home, that might come with realtor fees and moving costs. By comparison, the cost of installing a stairlift is small and brings about the benefits of staying independent and comfortable in your own home. 

Stair Lift Rentals 

If you only need a stairlift for a short time, whether you are accommodating a loved one or you are recovering from surgery, this is for you. Try out stairlifts for rental, with terms as short as three months. The price depends on each situation but they range from $175 to $450 per month. This option ensures that no one needs to struggle through a temporary need.  

Pre-Owned Stairlifts 

You can get a lightly used stairlift at a discounted price. These are units that have been previously used but are still in excellent condition. The cost varies but it is often between $500 to $1,500, which is less than the retail price. They are installed by experts so you can be sure it will run safely. 

Custom Stairlifts 

Some homes have more complicated stairways with landings or curves. If this is your home, don’t worry! We have just the thing for you. You can customize your own stairlift to fit your house’s staircase. These will cost about $10,000 to $12,000. The cost can increase depending on the complexity of the stairway and if you want to have additional features. For someone who needs to use the stairlift for five years or more, the average cost will be less than $200 per month. This is an acceptable price to be able to stay in the home you love. 

Choose Freedom Stairlifts

Freedom Stairlifts provides you with top-notch solutions for seniors to regain their mobility and independence. We have various lift options such as curved stairlifts, straight stairlifts, or outdoor stairlifts. Our stairlifts will become an essential part of your house. The good news is that we can install the stairlift for you on the same or the next day. As a certified dealer, we guarantee to give you the best price possible! Feel free to contact us for more information. 


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How to Integrate Stairlifts in Your Home Renovation

Home renovations often involve creating a more accessible and convenient living …

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