How Often Should Stairlifts Be Serviced?

Fortunately, stairlifts are designed to be sturdy and durable right from the start, so you won\’t waste a lot of time and money on maintenance. Outdoor stairlifts are also some of the most durable out there. Dive into this article to learn more about the maintenance process.

Every 12 Months for New Stairlifts

Most manufacturers recommend servicing the stairlifts once every 12 months. This is a standard practice that ensures your device works properly all the time. You should check the stairlift instructions manual to see if you need to service your device sooner or later than 12 months. The process usually involves a technician visit. The professionals will look at the stairlift, make necessary adjustments or repairs, and test it to ensure proper function, so you can have more peace of mind.

Not making time for a technician visit can have serious consequences. Remember that your stairlift doesn\’t go up and go on its own, it carries people. It carries your loved ones. Skipping a service visit puts your family members at risk of serious injury, so make sure that you religiously follow the service schedule, according to the manufacturer\’s instructions.

Every 6 Months for Old Stairlifts

Older stairlifts are a little bit trickier to deal with, but not impossible. As you can probably imagine, years of continuous service have taken a toll on the functionality of these stairlifts. Older models incorporate outdated elements that are more prone to rust and degradation. However, stairlift experts are still able to revive your old device, if necessary. It\’s recommended to service older models of stairlifts at least once every 6 months to ensure proper functionality and safe use.

What Servicing a Stairlift Involves

Servicing a stairlift is a complex process, but it\’s usually done quickly by a professional. For example, it involves listening for weird or strange noises while the stairlift is operating. It also involves checking for loose parts and replacing those if necessary. The professionals will also inspect, clean, and lubricate the tracks to ensure smooth operation.

Remember that stairlifts are operated by batteries, so an annual inspection involves cleaning charging contacts and ensuring that the battery is still in top condition. The technicians might also make small adjustments to the footrest, inspect the hardware and make small repairs, if necessary.

At the end of the day, your stairlift should be serviced once every 12 months or as often as it\’s required. There are a lot of moving parts in a stairlift system and that\’s why proper maintenance and regular checkups are important. Feel free to talk with one of our specialists if your stairlift is not working properly or it requires its yearly inspection.


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