Important Things To Keep Your Stairlift Well Maintained

At Freedom Stairlift, we specialize in stairlift installation and maintenance. Our technicians know how to fix broken stairlifts quickly and easily. However, it\’s also important for you to know a couple of tips and tricks when it comes to stairlift maintenance, so keep reading.

Vacuum Around

The first thing you need to do to maintain your stairlift is to vacuum around it and eliminate all the dust, dirt, and debris that might accumulate over the week. These impurities might not seem like much, but they will definitely add up and potentially block the stairlift tracks at some point. You can use a handheld vacuum cleaner for the cleaning process and it shouldn\’t take you more than 15 minutes to complete it.

Clean the Track

The tracks are the elements that make the chair go up and down. It\’s important for these tracks to be kept free of debris and dust. Make sure that you also instruct kids to not leave their toys on the tracks as this could impede the safe travel of the chair. You might want to clean the tracks using a damp piece of cloth and do this action at least once a week. Also, it\’s not necessary to unplug the stairlift while you clean it. Keep it plugged in as this ensures that the battery is also functioning properly.

Lubricate the Track

Track lubrication is also highly important. Remember that each time you have to deal with metal moving on another metal, you need to use lubrication to make the process as smooth as silk. That\’s why car engines need engine oil. The stairlift manufacturer usually specifies what type of lubricant is needed and how often you should apply it, so make sure that you read the instructions manual carefully.

Use It Often

Highly complex mechanisms and devices are designed to work regularly to remain in good condition. This is the case with your vehicle, motorcycle, and your home stairlift too. If you don\’t use the stairlift too much, its components will start to degrade quicker. On the other hand, frequent usage of a stairlift keeps the moving parts lubricated and avoids dust and debris from accumulating between elements.

As you can see, it\’s quite easy to maintain your stairlift and ensure it functions properly. All you have to do is to spend 20-25 minutes each week vacuuming and cleaning the stairlift and its tracks. At the same time, an annual checkup is also highly recommended and it should be done by professionals. Our specialists at Freedom Stairlift can help you keep your stairlift in top condition, so contact us today for more details.


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