The Different Types Of Stairlift Rails

This article looks at various types of stairlift rails that can be installed in your home. It\’s important to know your options so you can make the best decision and even save money. Keep reading to learn more.

Straight Stairlift Rail

This is the simplest type of rail and it fits most straight flights of stairs. The stairlift just goes up and down without changing direction and the rails are usually crafted as a straight piece of aluminum with additional elements added to it.

Straight stairlift rails are also ideal for straight stairs that offer a landing space in between. This is usually called a mid-parking space and it gives people time to rest, if necessary. These types of rails are easy to install and they provide the best cost-saving option for homeowners.

Curved Stairlift Rail

Curved rails are slightly more complex as they need to change direction while transporting people upwards or downwards. These are suitable for L-shaped stairs, U-shaped stairs as well as circular stairs. The curved rail can be customized according to the needs of the homeowner and it\’s as safe and efficient as a straight rail. These stairlift rails can also be installed on stairs with landings.

Outdoor Stairlift Rail

Outdoor stairlifts are also highly popular because they allow seniors to move up and down quickly and with less effort. These stairlift rails are usually straight and they are much more durable in comparison with other types of stairlift rails. They feature weather-resistant materials to prevent the elements of nature from degrading the stairlift over the years.

Retractable Stairlift Rail

The retractable stairlift rail is suitable for those stairs where there\’s an obstruction at the bottom end of the stairs. This option allows a rail attachment to deploy at the base of the stairs, so the chair carrying a person can reach the end of the stairs safely. Once the person moves away, the chair goes up and the rail attachment folds back to save space.

This option is suitable for all types of stairlift rails: straight, curved, and outdoor. It\’s an optional attachment, but it ensures proper delivery of passengers and it can work with all types of stairs with and without landings. Stairlift rails have been specially designed to accommodate various types of household stairs. Regardless of the type of stairs you have in your house today, there is a stairlift rail available to help your loved ones move up and down quickly and safely. Contact Freedom Stairlift today to learn more about the various types of stairlift rails, how they work, and how they can be installed in your home.


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