What To Consider When Buying An Outdoor Stairlift

If you are thinking about buying an outdoor stairlift, there are a number of things to consider. Outdoor stairlifts help people to access certain areas of their compound. While most people focus on the actual stairlifts themselves, there are many factors around them that influence safety, ease of use, and reliability. In this article, we explain to you some of the things to consider when you want to buy an outdoor stairlift.

The Guide Rails

These are the rails on which the carriage moves and which support the weight of the load. They are made of a variety of materials including steel and aluminum. These are especially favored as they are non-corrosive and are typically strong enough to handle a variety of loads. When installing an outdoor stairlift, you need to consider the gauge of the steel as thinner gauges can bend over time, affecting the performance of the stairlift. Although it has an impact on the cost, you should always lean towards heavier, tougher metals as they are more likely to last and will need less maintenance.


The carriage is the section of the stairlift that passengers ride in. Typically, it will be a chair or two. The chair will be attached to the guide rails by a system of wheels that support the weight of the chair. On good quality stairlift carriages, you will have about 12 rollers although some have as few as eight. The fewer the rollers, the more weight each roller has to bear and thus the higher the chance that one may break. 

Inside the carriage are the seat and cover. This can be made from leather, fabric, plastic, and many other kinds of materials. The cover ensures that the seat can be used in all kinds of weather and that the fabric stays dry and comfortable. Here, you have the option of customizing a number of things. For example, some stairlifts feature heated seats which make them comfortable to use during winter. If you take this option, it is important that the electrical heating system is well insulated to protect users during wet or snowy days.

Control System

Almost all stairlift systems feature a control system that ensures that the stairlift can be summoned up or down depending on where it is needed. Controls use a variety of mechanisms including infrared and much more. They may also use radio frequency and electrical controls. Regardless of the mechanism used, the controls should be reliable regardless of the weather conditions prevailing. There are a number of other things to consider. For example, it is critical to get the system installed by an expert. This is so that the system adheres to all the safety standards that are stipulated by the manufacturer. Working with an expert also ensures that you do not void the warranties that apply to the stairlift.


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How to Integrate Stairlifts in Your Home Renovation

Home renovations often involve creating a more accessible and convenient living …

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