Will Stairlifts Affect Other Stair Users In The Home?

Stairlift and Children

Stairlifts are designed to be as safe as possible, including features such as finger guards to protect children from injuring themselves on them. They are also intended to avoid trapping a young child, and they will stop moving as soon as they make contact with a person or item while in motion. This means that even if your children are prone to tearing up and down the stairs, or if you have a very young child who is just learning to use the stairs and may attempt to crawl up them while the stairlift is in use, the stairs are no more dangerous than they were before your stairlift was installed.

Stairlift and Pets

If you have pets in your home, you may have some concerns regarding stairlifts and whether they would be safe for them. Pets, like children, are kept safe since stairlifts are intended to neither trap nor crush items and will stop if they come into contact with something when ascending or descending the steps. Some pet owners claim that their dog or cat is terrified of the stairlift when it is in use, just like how they are scared of other machines like vacuum cleaners, but that is usually the only way they affect pets.

Other People Using the Stairs

Stairlifts are meticulously designed and constructed to be safe and pleasant for both individuals who use them and those who live in homes with them. Most don\’t take up much room when not in use, so they don\’t pose a problem for persons walking up or down a standard staircase. If the stairlift needs to travel around corners, it may cause a bit of a squeeze in some situations if someone is attempting to walk up or down, but this isn\’t a huge issue because it only happens while the lift is in operation and only goes part of the way up the steps.

Stairlifts are always built and constructed with the safety of everyone who uses them in mind. The vast majority of families have no problems with their new stairlifts and quickly adjust to having them in their homes.

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