3 Stair Assist Options For Your Home

If you are a senior, or have loved ones who are seniors, then home would be a place where the best memories were made. Your home is where your family was raised, and possibly even where you’ve seen your grandkids light up the place with their energy. Uncountable birthdays, holidays, and special celebrations must have been held in your home and therefore most people will never want to leave their home for an assisted living facility despite their physical limitations. 

However, with age can come serious health problems that present a whole new set of issues. One of such issues is mobility. As we get older, it is obvious how much we slow down, and simple movements seem to be infinitely harder with age. This is becoming a big concern with most homeowners who live in places that have more than one level. Addressing this issue, stair assist options help to reduce the number of accidents that seniors suffer every year from falling down their stairs. Regardless of your physical needs and level of mobility, there will always be a stair assist option that would help you move between floors in a much safer way. 


Stairlifts are a fantastic choice for seniors who find that they are not as mobile as before. It can allow for better access between the levels in your home and can increase the level of convenience that you can enjoy in the long term. Stairlifts come with secure seatbelts and are extremely easy to operate. You will not need the help of another person because you do not even need to bend down to access the chair and footrests. They come in many options, including curved, indoor and outdoor stairlifts. They are made to be used with minimal effort and can suit the needs of anyone with a disability.

Wheelchair Lifts 

If you or your loved one is on a wheelchair, then the best bet is to invest in a wheelchair lift. Unlike the stairlift, you will not need to lift yourself onto the chair because a wheelchair lift is platform based. This mean that it will be able to take the whole weight of the user and their wheelchair with ease. The way they function and operate are the same as stairlifts but offer greater convenience to people who need their wheelchairs to move around. 

Home Elevators 

Another popular option is the home elevator. This allows seniors to go from floor to floor with great ease and at the touch of just a button. This removes any risk of falling down the stairs and allows for almost zero effort to access the otherwise inaccessible areas of the home. However, with such levels of convenience comes a much heftier price. The price of installation and maintenance alone is enough to turn many people off this idea. Furthermore, home elevators require a lot more space for them to function properly and this is why most disabled individuals and seniors choose to opt for the above economical options instead.


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How to Integrate Stairlifts in Your Home Renovation

Home renovations often involve creating a more accessible and convenient living …

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