3 Stairlift Safety Tips To Know

What exactly are stairlifts? If you have already installed one in your home, or are currently doing the research to purchase one, then you would know that they are devices meant to help the elderly or disabled individuals who have mobility issues. These devices allow for the safe transport of a person up and down the stairs, which requires a great deal of physical effort and agility to climb. However, we can only benefit from the functions of a stairlift given that we know how to use it safely. As such, below are some of the best stairlift safety tips to help users understand how to fully maximize their device. 

Stairlifts are made from a combination of a comfortable chair that is connected to a railing along the distance of the staircase. There are millions of Americans who suffer from different mobility-hindering disabilities every year. While it can be hard to deal with aging and the problems that come with it, stairlifts can allow seniors to regain their confidence and ability to move around. Simply put, stairlifts allow for users to enjoy increased convenience when they are used in a safe manner. 

One at a Time! 

If you are a loving grandparent, there might always be the temptation to put your precious grandkid on your lap as you go up and down the stairs on your stairlift. However, it is best that you show your affection to them only when you have reached the bottom or top of your stairs. Stairlifts are extremely efficient and effective in serving their purpose, but they are mostly designed to support the weight of a single person at any one time. When you are using your stairlift, you should always ensure that you are the only person using it. Expanding on this point, you should also refrain from using the stairlift to transport heavy items. However, if you are unsure about the limitations and capacity of your stairlift, you could always peruse the user manual and find out the maximum weight that it can support. 

Remember the Seatbelt 

While stairlifts transport users at a safe and relatively slow velocity, safety should still be the utmost priority. Hence, users should also make use of the seatbelt attached and fasten it securely. This further reduces the chances of you falling from your stairlift and falling down the stairs. Falling down a flight of stairs can result in extremely serious or even fatal injuries that we definitely want to avoid. 

Remove any Obstacles 

Regardless of whether or not you want to install a stairlift, it is always a good idea to remove any obstacles or obstructions near your stairs. No matter what age you might be, or what physical condition you are in, falling down a flight of stairs could be seriously harmful. Thus, stairlift owners should remove potential obstructions such as pieces of clothing, torn carpets, or even broken floorboards. By removing these obstacles, you can reduce the chances of getting stuck halfway up your stairs and the risk of injury. Therefore, you should always remind your family and house guests to keep your stairs free from debris and obstructions.


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Home renovations often involve creating a more accessible and convenient living …

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