Are stairlifts safe for seniors living alone?

There is no denying that there can be a certain danger when seniors live alone, particularly if they have alone. The short answer is, yes. It allows seniors more freedom of movement around the house, mobility issues. Some people may be wondering if a stairlift is a safe option for seniors living instead of struggling up and down stairs or confining most of their daily activities to the ground floor. Getting a stairlift installed reduces the chances of a senior tripping or falling on the stairs. We share more with you in this article.

Problems with Navigating Stairs on Foot

Even if a senior does not have mobility issues, eyesight usually starts to get worse as we get older. Visual impairments and reduced depth perception can result in a senior misjudging where the next step is and tripping as a result. While trips and falls may be small concerns for younger people, it can be dangerous for a senior. In order to protect ourselves and our loved ones, getting a stairlift installed for seniors living alone is the best option.

Concerns About Stairlifts

While stairlifts come with many obvious benefits for their users, some people may have concerns about the safety aspect. For instance, will the stairlift stop operating during a power outage, leaving the senior stuck at the middle of the stairs? What if the senior falls out of the stairlift? If the stairlift has been parked upstairs and the senior requires it from the ground floor, can they summon it? All these concerns are valid, but they are easily overwritten because of the numerous advanced features stairlifts have today.

Safety Aspects of Stairlifts

To address the common concerns seniors have about stairlifts, we will be introducing some safety aspects they come with below:

  • Safety Straps: Seniors do not need to fear slipping out of the seat as stairlifts come with safety straps that function much like seatbelts. In the unlikely event of sudden braking or if the senior is to slip accidentally, the safety strap will prevent them from falling.
  • Battery Power: All stairlifts are always connected to an alternative source of battery power. If the electricity in the area is to be cut off, the stairlift would have been fully charged and therefore, able to continue functioning for a while.
  • Remote Controls: If there are more than two seniors living in the same household, sometimes the stairlift may not be there when it is required. When that is the case, it can simply be summoned to the correct floor with a remote control.

Rent or Buy A Stairlift from Freedom Stairlifts

If you or a loved one are a senior who lives alone, you may have considered getting a stairlift for some time. At Freedom Stairlifts, we have vast experience and expertise recommending the most suitable stairlifts for our clients since our inception in 2012 and are able to assist you with every step of the process from delivery to installation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or would like to book a consultation.


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4/15 — 5 Ways Stairlifts Can Reduce Fall Risks

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