Are There Grants For Accessibility Equipment?

People all over the nation, of varying ages, could use a little help when it comes to getting around. Perhaps they have difficulty maneuvering stairs. They may have trouble moving around in general. Though they could use assistance with accessibility and mobility, in no uncertain terms, they may not be able to afford it. Fortunately, there are various grants for accessibility equipment.

For your home modifications and/or mobility aids, you may be eligible for financial assistance. Not all home modifications are covered by programs that fund mobility aids and vice versa, however. Therefore, knowing where your product falls within the categories of modifications and mobility aids, is important.

Home Modification

The following can be classified as home modifications:

Mobility Aids

The following qualify as mobility aids:

  • Lift chair
  • Mobility scooter
  • Power wheelchair
  • Rollator (a walker with wheels – so it rolls)
  • Walker

For each state and nationally, various programs are available to provide financial assistance for medical devices such as those dealing with mobility.

Nonprofits And Various Organizations

Both locally and nationally, for disabled people and seniors, there are a number of organizations – such as nonprofits – that may be of assistance. Ask your area Senior Center or local United Way for suggestions and contact information.

Tax Deductions

If you are going to spend more than 10% of your annual income on home modifications, when filing taxes, you may be able to claim the expenses as a tax deduction. Check with the IRS to see which expenses, home modifications, etc., are not eligible and which are.

Department of Veterans Affairs

There are numerous financial assistance and funding programs for veterans available through the Department Of Veterans Affairs. Here are some of them:

  • VD-HCBS or Veterans Directed Home and Community-Based Services
  • CFL CHAMPVA for Life

Medicaid Waivers

To encourage seniors to live with their families (or on their own), rather than in a nursing home, some states have waivers or programs designed to help out. One of these is MFP (Money Follows the Person). However, from state to state, these programs differ. For people who need home modifications in order to live outside of a nursing home, these waivers may be available.


For seniors, disabled people, and low-income individuals, Medicaid is a state-funded and joint federal insurance program. For eligible individuals, support services and medical care are almost fully covered. From state to state, however, requirements for Medicaid eligibility differ.


Medicare B may cover some general home equipment and mobility equipment. As much as 80% of the cost (or the allowable amount) may be reimbursed by Medicare.

Note: To qualify for some or all of the above stated financial aid, you will likely need a prescription from your doctor for whichever mobility assist, home modification, etc., you need. In order to receive funding, you will be required to provide this prescription.

Who to Turn to for Accessibility Equipment

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