Getting a stair lift for narrow stairs?

Do you require a stair lift to be fitted in your home? If you have narrow stairs, you may be worried that you cannot successfully get a stair lift installed. However, that is not the case. You have options, even though they are more limited than those for homes with wider staircases. A stair lift can be an empowering piece of equipment, allowing those with mobility issues to move about with some degree of independence. As such, they are often a welcome and worthwhile investment. Read on to find out how you can get a stair lift fitted for narrow stairs.

What is Narrow?

Before exploring your options, you may be asking: what, exactly, is narrow? Are my stairs narrow? As a general rule, a width of 29” or smaller is considered narrow. For reference, this is simply the measurement of a tread on a single step of the staircase, not a wall-to-wall measurement. Most companies will not be able to fit a stair lift onto a staircase any narrower than this.

The main reason is safety: a stair lift will get in the way of the space that is left for people to travel up and down the stairs on foot, and the user may end up hurting their knees against the wall. In addition, the stair lift can take up too much space when parked, making navigating around the house even more troublesome than before.

Curved Stair Lifts

Fortunately, homeowners with narrow stairs who require a stair lift have options. The first is a curved stair lift. With a curved stair lift, the rail can be bent when the stair lift is packed, or not in use. It can also be backed further away from the top or bottom of the stairs, freeing up space for people to go up and down on foot. Curved stair lifts can fit narrow stairs comfortably without compromising on safety. However, they do cost a bit more than the regular models.  

Perched Stair Lifts

Perched stair lifts are so named because the user has to be in a semi-seated position, akin to perching on a bar stool. Although they take up less space and are therefore ideal for narrow stairs, it is not a feasible solution for everyone – for instance, seniors who have trouble bending their knees or someone with a disability that means they have to be in a seated position.

Looking to Install a Stair Lift for Your Narrow Staircase?

If you are looking to install a stair lift for your narrow staircase, the first thing to do is to engage a reliable stair lift company to assess your stairs for suitability. Freedom Stairlifts has been providing stair lift solutions for our clients since our inception in 2012 and are familiar with a wide selection of stair lift solutions, including solutions for both narrow and curved stairs. Contact us if you have any queries or would like to book a consultation today.


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