Connecting Better With Your Grandparents

Remember the days when you could actually visit your grandparents, face-to-face, and give them a card, a gift, a kiss, and a hug? Whether they lived in a nursing home or in a home of their own, getting together with your grandparents and enjoying each other\’s company was an in-person event that could be enjoyed by all parties.

Connecting with grandparents lately, however, has been an entirely different matter. Fortunately, in addition to giving kisses and showing big homemade “I love you cards” through windows, virtual visits have become extremely popular. You have to love the Internet, if for nothing else, than for providing us with a way to connect with our loved ones even when we can\’t do so in person.

Our Grandparents

In many cultures, the elderly are held in a position of esteem. They are respected, their opinions are valued, and they are looked to for the wisdom that comes with age. Sadly, in other cultures, because beauty and youth are so sought-after, the elderly are dismissed or looked down upon. That\’s no way to treat a senior!

Grandparents are very special, and sometimes we forget that. They are important in our lives. Remember, much like your parents, they\’re not going to be around forever. Create lifelong memories with them and cherish each and every moment. Through your actions and words, let them know they are loved and appreciated.

Connecting with your grandparents, even if you can\’t do it in person, is easy. It just takes a tiny bit of effort.

Virtual Visits

As mentioned earlier, virtual visits have taken the place of in-person visits thanks to the recent pandemic. Now that you know how to chat on your computer, however, you can do it more often. Grandparents can receive \”visits\” from their grandchildren on a regular basis, even more than they may have before the pandemic.

As Restrictions Relax

As the restrictions relax, where social distancing and the coronavirus are concerned, make it a point to actually visit, person-to-person, face-to-face, with your grandparents. Sit down and have a conversation with them. Hold their hand. Watch their favorite movie. Play their favorite card again. Listen to the stories you\’ve heard 100 times as if it\’s the first time you\’re hearing it. It means the world to them. Ask them questions about their childhood, how they met their spouse, what was their first car, their first love, their favorite pastime, etc.

You Don\’t Have To Be a Writer To Write

Everyone loves getting mail. You don\’t have to be particularly talented at writing, or even spelling, to sit down and write your grandparents a letter they will cherish. Put it in a lovely card, if you wish. Draw a picture to go along with it. Type it on your computer and print it, if your writing isn’t particularly legible. Remember to use a larger font if your grandparents have a hard time seeing small print.

Freedom Stairlifts Can Help Grandparents Regain Independence

Are you solely responsible for caring for a grandmother or grandfather? Do they have mobility issues? Does the home in which they live have accessibility problems? It\’s not easy caring for someone who can no longer care for themselves.

When you have to care for a grandparent 24/7, it can be exhausting. You may feel stressed and/or put upon at times – no matter how much you love them – because your grandparent depends on you so much. Try to remember, however, that they aren\’t particularly fond of having to rely on someone when they\’ve probably been independent their entire life. To help them regain a bit of their independence, to make things easier for you as a caregiver, and to take some stress off of the relationship, wheelchair lifts and stairlifts can go a long way.

Once your grandparent is able to go up and down stairs again, all on their own (or with minimal assistance), a huge burden will be taken off of the relationship. Stress can be reduced, and you can both get back to having fun again.

Freedom Stairlifts installs wheelchair lifts, stairlifts, and wheelchair elevators. Worried that your staircase is curved? No problem. We have models that can be used on curved or straight stairways.

Contact us to find out more about our services today.


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