How Does A Stairlift Benefit My Family Members?

That question is asked by interested and potential stair lift purchasers all the time. There can be little doubt as to the benefits a stair lift will bring to the individual using it. Their freedom will be restored, their independence refreshed and renewed, pain will be lessened in many cases, and much more. But they\’re concerned as to whether or not the benefits of a stair lift will extend to their family members. 

Without a doubt, a stair lift user will share the many benefits of a stair lift system with their entire family. Knowing that you\’re safe on the stairway in your home, they will rest easy.

Here we’re going to look at the many benefits of a stairlift. These, in many cases, extend beyond the user to include advantages for the entire family unit. Get ready to be amazed!

These Systems Are Flexible

Today\’s stair lifts can be exclusively customized, or specialty models purchased, in order to adapt to numerous styles and sizes of stairways. There are models that take up less space for narrow stairways, stair lifts for curved or cornering staircases, systems for straight stairways, and even stair lifts for outdoor use.

Additionally, Freedom Stairlifts also carries lifts/elevators for wheelchairs.

Stair Lifts Are Economical and Affordable

Your stair lift will use approximately .024 kW of electricity (less than your coffee pot). Stairlifts are energy efficient and could cost under $15 annually. (depending upon rates in your area)

The System Will Not Damage Your Home

In addition to guaranteeing cleanup by the installation crew, Freedom Stairlifts can also assure you that no permanent damage will be done by the installation of your system. Your stair lift is installed by simply drilling into the stair treads themselves – a few small holes with which to mount the rail (that the stair lift rides on).

Stair Lifts Are Easier And Cheaper Than Purchasing a New Home! 

Some people are put off by the thought of shopping, purchasing, ordering, installation time, cost, and more. Stop for a minute and think: How much effort, time, and expense will be put into buying a new home that\’s all on one floor? Not to mention all the bother of selling your old house! All that just to avoid a stairway that could once again be maneuverable with a stair lift.

(Additionally, rather than relocating to your home’s ground-floor, you will be more comfortable being able to maneuver throughout your entire existing household – the home you have lived in, loved, and gotten use to over the years.)

Today\’s Stair Lifts Are Installed Easily and Quickly

Particularly when you purchase your stair lift from Freedom Stairlifts, you are assured quick and easy installation. What\’s more, our team will make sure to clean up after themselves, so you won\’t have to deal with a mess.

Regain Your Independence

You will now have energy that you used to burn up on the stairs alone – and that was just one way. With all of the energy you\’re going to save, imagine the things you can do!

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Now, on the stairs in your own house, you will know – as will your family – that you\’re safe. You will feel better just knowing that you are once again independent. You\’ll get an added boost of confidence and your family will feel more secure.

Convinced Yet?

At Freedom Stairlifts, we stand ready to assist you with the purchase and installation of your brand-new stair lift. 

Contact us to find our more, today!


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