How Does A Stairlift Work?

Each and every day, probably several times a day, numerous individuals struggle with stairways in their own home. Whether it is due to an injury, medical condition, aging, or some other cause, the maneuvering of staircases can be nothing short of exhausting for some people – many can\’t do it at all. In cases such as these, the installation of a modern stair lift system can be highly beneficial. These systems provide an easy and safe way to navigate stairways – both indoors and outdoors. There are even systems that are adaptable to curved or cornering staircases.

Are you considering the installation of a stair lift in your home? If so, you may be wondering just how stair lifts work. Here\’s a little bit of information regarding the basic workings involved in some of today\’s stair lift systems – generally speaking. Later, we will introduce you to the best way to shop for a stair lift and have it installed.

 Easy Operation

Though models and makes do differ, in general stair, lifts have robust safety features and easy controls. To control movement, there is a simple switch. When the rider pushes/holds the control, the lift travels up or down the stairway. As the stair lift reaches the track’s end, some will beep. If, along the way you release the switch at any point, beeping will be heard, and the lift will come to an immediate stop. Seatbelts are an included accessory on all stair lifts and should be worn whenever riding on the system.

Seat Controls Versus Remote Controls

Some models of stair lifts come with remote controls, but they all come with seat controls. At the end of an armrest, there is a switch. For the system to travel up the stairs, the switch is pressed one way. For the lift to go to the lower landing, it is switched the opposite way.

Remote controls are available on some models to send the chair in one direction. Think of it as calling the chair to you. If a rider needs assistance, this is a convenient way for the seat to be controlled by a caregiver while they help the rider.

In some cases, provided the load is inanimate and does not exceed the weight level, the system may be used as a dumbwaiter. Small packages can also be transported up and down the stairs if need be.

Getting In and Out Of A Stair Lift Chair

If you can sit down in a chair, you can use a stair lift. You should be able to sit in an upright position during the entire ride, be able to fasten the safety belt, and have enough fine motor skills with which to operate the controls. It\’s that simple.

Provided they are able to transfer on their own, some wheelchair-bound individuals can use stair lifts, as well. Many of these individuals have a wheelchair at the top of the stairway and at the bottom of the stairway, so that no carrying of the wheelchair by others is necessary. They simply transfer from the wheelchair into the stair lift chair, ride the system, and then transfer into the awaiting wheelchair.

Note: When not in use, the seat of stair lifts should be flipped into its upright position to allow others to come and go on the stairway, obstacle free.

Where to Purchase a Stair Lift

At Freedom Stairlifts, we carry a selection of not only stair lifts, but wheelchair lifts as well. We have systems that are adaptable to curved or cornered stairways, as well as straight stairways. No matter if it\’s for indoor or outdoor use, we\’ve got the system you need.

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