How To Help Seniors Ease Their Knee Pain

Numerous individuals experience trouble maneuvering around their home. One of the reasons for this, where many are concerned, is considerable knee pain. Whether the result of arthritis, an injury, or some other reason, knee pain can be a debilitating condition. Though it can affect anyone at any time, seniors frequently have knee pain issues. Over time, joints become problematic and the pain that results can, literally, stop a person in their tracks.

To help seniors ease their knee pain, we referenced a few sources and came up with a list of suggestions.

Quad Stretches

For many, this will sound like out and out exercise. The fact remains, however, that your quads, glutes, calves, and hamstrings should be stretched on a regular basis. There are a number of ways to stretch your quads, some more easily executed than others.

If you consider yourself somewhat physically limited, try this method:

  • Before you stand in the appropriate position, place a chair behind you.
  • For balance, grasp something in front of you.
  • Now, bring one foot back to the chair behind you and place it there.
  • To feel the stretch, tighten through glutes and push your hips forward.

It\’s All About the Shoes

Anyone who has ever needed to be on their feet for a significant period of time knows that shoes matter! When your feet are uncomfortable, your entire body suffers. Your knees can be given a break, and suffer less, by wearing the right shoes that are comfortable and supportive.

No matter how stunning they look, if those shoes hurt your feet, they\’re the wrong shoes for you.

Maintain an Appropriate Weight

Most people are sick and tired of hearing about how much they weigh, should weigh, could weigh, etc. Unfortunately, if you suffer from knee pain, it could have everything to do with your weight. Even those who do maintain an appropriate weight can have knee problems, however. As we age, our joint cartilage wears down. This can result in swelling, stiffness, and varying degrees of pain.

All we are recommending here is that you do what you can to maintain a healthy, appropriate weight for your build. Less weight on your knees means less stress and abuse on them, as well.

Take a Load Off!

Of course, one stellar way of reducing knee pain is to put less stress and strain on your knees. It practically goes without saying. In pursuit of that particular knee pain solution we offer the chance for seniors (and others) to ease the burden on their knees when maneuvering stairways. With one of today\’s modern stair lift systems, the abuse usually suffered by the knees of any given individual can be significantly reduced. No more struggling up and down stairways – whether indoors or outdoors. With a stair lift system, you can safely, easily, and securely navigate stairs, from level to level, without a second thought.

Don\’t worry if the stairway in question is curved or goes around a corner. As well as straight stair lift systems, there are also stair lifts made for curved stairways.

For individuals using wheelchairs, if transferability is not a problem, and there is a wheelchair available on each level (by the top and/or bottom of the staircase), basic stair lifts should suffice. If a person is wheelchair-bound, however, there are also specific systems made for use while still in a wheelchair. These are referred to as wheelchair lifts, and there are a handful of models available.

Click here to view wheelchair lifts.

Freedom Stairlifts Has What You Need!

Whether you are wheelchair-bound or still able to walk, but with some knee pain, we have a system that will enable you to once again maneuver stairs (and/or levels) freely and easily. Check out the various models of stair lifts and wheelchair lifts available through Freedom Stairlifts.

Contact us today for more information!


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How to Integrate Stairlifts in Your Home Renovation

Home renovations often involve creating a more accessible and convenient living …

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