Find Out If Your Home Stairs Are Suitable For A Stair Lift

When people are considering having a stair lift installed in their home, one of the most common questions asked is, “Is my house/staircase suitable for stair lift installation? ” In almost every case, the answer is, “Yes!”

Of course, there’s only one true way to make absolutely sure a stair lift can be installed in your home. Before the system is purchased and installed, a representative of the stair lift company will visit your home to scope out your unique situation and the layout of your stairway. Here’s the process…

  • Contact a stair lift company to make an appointment (we recommend Freedom Stairlifts).
  • To view the person who will be using the stair lift and the stairs themselves, a surveyor will take measurements. This is to see if everything will fit properly. There are options built to fit various types of stairs, so don’t worry.
  • As well as the stairway, the mobility of the person who will be using it will be analyzed.
  • A determination will be made as to whether or not a stair lift can safely be installed and used.

Here are some other questions frequently posed by people inquiring about stair lifts.

What About “Open Plan” Stairs?

Yes, to install stair lifts on open treads and open plan stairs, we have the appropriate products/equipment.

My Stairs Are Narrow

As mentioned earlier, some stairways seem like they might not tolerate a stair lift. Today’s products are, in many cases, adaptable, or particular models are better fitted to narrow stairways, etc.

What About Listed Buildings?

Depending on the classification of listing, it\’s very possible to fit a stair lift to a listed building. Give the stair lift company a call to discuss your individual case. They will be happy to offer specific advice.

Is a Loadbearing Wall Necessary for Stair Lift Installation?

No. The stair lift itself is not attached to the wall. Rather, the steps themselves are used to affix the stair lift. No damage will be done to the wall and it doesn’t need to be loadbearing.

What About Curved Stairs and Corners?

Today\’s modern stair lifts can be fitted to stairs that go around corners or curve. To see how these types of stair lifts function, either visit a showroom in person or view the products offered on the website of your chosen stair lift company.

Some Final Suggestions

  • Always have a stair lift company representative scope out your individual circumstances before purchasing a stair lift.
  • Do some research. There’s lots of information online through which you can explore your options.
  • Never hesitate to ask a representative of the stair lift company any questions you may have.
  • Our best piece of advice – Contact Freedom Stairlifts for all your wheelchair lift or stair lift needs!

At Freedom Stairlifts, we will be happy to send one of our specialists to your home to closely examine your unique situation. A determination will quickly be made as to whether or not your circumstances are suitable for the installation of a stair lift. After deciding which model you would like to purchase, your system will be installed. No fuss, no muss! Our technicians even clean up after themselves. This leaves you free to sit back, relax, and before you know it, enjoy your new freedom.

Contact us to find out more today!


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Stairlifts for Active Aging: Maintaining an Active Lifestyle

Aging doesn’t mean giving up an active and independent lifestyle. Staying …

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