When Do You Need A Domestic Stairlift?

Getting a domestic stair lift is a relatively big investment, so it requires a lot of thought and consideration before you decide to install one in your living space. There are many things you need to consider before you decide on getting a stair lift in your home, such as who will benefit from the stair lift, and whether the stair lift is worth the investment. Read on to find out more about when you should install a domestic stair lift in your home.

Challenges in Moving Around the House Easily

If you or someone in your home is struggling to get around your house easily, it might be a sign that you should install a domestic stair lift. For example, if you live with the elderly or if someone in your house is recently injured and has difficulty moving up and down stairs, installing a stair lift can help enhance the accessibility of your home, allowing them to have free access around the house.

Furthermore, installing a stair lift can help to prevent other serious injuries from happening, such as if someone were to trip and fall down the stairs. The stair lift will act as a safeguard and provide assurance to homeowners.

Fed Up About Feeling Frail

If you are frustrated because you constantly feel frail and unsure about climbing the stairs, getting a domestic stair lift can help with mobility and boost your confidence. Furthermore, you need not worry about being a burden to your family or other people you live with as with the stair lift, you will not need much assistance from other people when moving up and down the stairs.

Suffer from Ailments that Grow with Age

Sometimes, growing older means more painful aches in your body, which makes climbing the staircase a difficult task. With age, people are more prone to sprains and injuries, and sometimes find climbing the stairs too much of a hassle as it is painful and may aggravate the injuries. A stair lift will help to alleviate the pain of the elderly, enhancing mobility within the house.

Safety Measure

Stair lifts can also be a safety measure. In times of emergency, time is of the essence. However, it is difficult for those who are old or injured to rush down the stairs to safety. A domestic stair lift will continue to run even if there is a power outage, so that those who need it can still use the stair lift to move down.

Having a stair lift can also prevent those who have difficulty walking from tripping and falling, thus reducing the risk of further injury.

Freedom Stairlifts Can Help with Stair Lift Installations

If you are looking to install a reliable stair lift system in your home, look no further than Freedom Stairlifts. We aim provide lift solutions to our clients so that they can move around freely and with confidence. Since our inception in 2012, we have been helping our clients install stair lifts in order to help them regain their freedom. Contact us to find out more about our services today.


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4/15 — 5 Ways Stairlifts Can Reduce Fall Risks

Falls are a leading cause of injuries among seniors and individuals …

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