How stairlifts can help the elderly during covid-19

COVID-19 has left most people stranded at home, away from the care and support of their loved ones. Even workers who help with domestic chores and caregivers may not be able to go around to the homes of the elderly they serve. When that is the case, seniors suddenly find themselves having to attend to tasks that are normally taken care of by someone else.

Although many seniors are capable of doing certain tasks themselves, it is the going up and down stairs to attend to them that is the challenging part. To allow yourself or an elderly loved one to retain as much independence as possible during these trying times, getting a stairlift installed will help. We share with you some great reasons why.

Allow Them to Stay Home

Many seniors prefer to stay home for as long as possible instead of living in a nursing home or adaptive care home. When seniors are unable to navigate around their homes with ease due to age-related loss of mobility, they may be forced to retire to a home sooner than is necessary. Getting a stairlift installed helps to retain their range of mobility and allows them to go up and down stairs easily.

Retain Independence

Domestic helpers are employed to assist seniors with household chores that involve going up and down stairs, for instance, fetching laundry from the upstairs rooms and doing laundry in the basement. When these workers are unable to do their job due to COVID-19 restrictions, seniors can be stranded. Installing a stairlift can help them to retain their independence as they are more able to attend to daily tasks and chores.

Protect Their Health

Going up and down stairs on foot may be no big deal to younger people, but it can be exhausting for seniors with mobility issues. Even if a senior is physically fit to handle stairs, they can suffer from visual impairments which make misjudging the steps and slipping more likely. In addition, seniors who have breathing disorders and heart conditions may feel easily breathless from climbing up and down stairs.

Keep Seniors Safely Distanced

Ideally, seniors should be kept at a safe distance away from external visitors as they are especially vulnerable to COVID-19. As such, the assistance they can receive with daily activities is limited. When you get a stairlift installed, the range of tasks seniors are able to attend to without assistance increases, allowing them to go about their daily lives without hindrance and safely distanced.

Get A Stairlift For an Elderly Loved One

If you have an elderly loved one who may have their mobility affected during COVID-19, browse through our wide collection of stairlifts today to select a suitable one for them. At Freedom Stairlifts, we have been providing our clients with mobility solutions since our inception in 2012 and are able to assist with every step of the process from delivery to installation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or would like to book a consultation.


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