Is it advisable to rent a stairlift?

Are you deciding between buying and renting a stairlift? Are you not going to need the stairlift after a few months, or are you having an elderly guest over to stay? If so, renting may be the better option for you, and offers all the perks of buying a stairlift. The degree of independence stairlifts offer is their biggest selling point, allowing users to navigate up and down stairs without human assistance. While renting can be a good option for certain people, it can make more sense to buy if you require one permanently and can afford to do so. In this article, we share with you when it is advisable to rent a stairlift.  

Renting Over Buying

Below are some common reasons people choose to rent instead of buy stairlifts:

  • You only require the stairlift for a few months. Maybe you have recently undergone a surgery that limits your mobility, or you are having a guest with mobility needs over to stay.
  • You live in a rental property or will be moving shortly.
  • You are not able to afford a high upfront payment, however, you need a stairlift to help you get around the house.
  • You are unsure which stairlift model will best suit your needs and want to try it out before committing to buying.
  • … and many more!

Choosing A Stairlift Company

Now that you have decided renting will make the most sense for you, it’s time to find a reputable company to recommend and install one for you. Most companies offer free evaluations and consultations to determine what kind of stairlift will work best for your needs and home.

Below are some questions to ask when choosing a company:

  • Do they offer a variety of choices to match your needs and budget?
  • Are they able to provide references from satisfied customers?
  • Do they have a track record of successfully installing stairlifts customers are happy with?
  • What is the quality of the stairlifts they offer?
  • What services are included – delivery, installation?
  • Will the stairlift be customized to the user, taking into consideration their weight and mobility needs, amongst others?
  • Are they able to provide safety and comfort for the user?

Your choice of vendor is just as important as your choice of stairlift. Each stairlift should be made to fit the user exactly, taking into account all aspects of safety and comfort.

Are You Looking to Rent A Stairlift?

Regardless of the reasons, you may be looking to get a rental stairlift installed in your home. At Freedom Stairlifts, we are able to offer a range of durable and comfortable stairlifts to fit the user’s needs. We have been providing stair lift solutions for our clients since our inception in 2012 and will be able to assist you with every step of the process from delivery to installation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or would like to book a consultation.


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