New vs. Re-conditioned stairlifts

If you or a loved one are thinking of buying a stairlift, you may be debating between getting a new or re-conditioned one. Although there are pros and cons to each option, ultimately, the biggest difference between the two is budget. Needless to say, re-conditioned stairlifts can save buyers quite a bit as opposed to buying one brand new, which can be a huge pull factor if budget is a limitation for you. Others prefer to get a new one so they can customize everything to their exact specifications. We share with you some factors to consider when deciding between new and re-conditioned stairlifts.  

Understanding Re-Conditioned or Refurbished Stairlifts

Many people may not know exactly what is meant by a re-conditioned, or refurbished, stairlift. What is the difference between secondhand and re-conditioned? Although re-conditioned stairlifts are not brand new, adjustments have been made to it to ensure that it functions just as well. For instance, certain parts are replaced or it is given a new coating. In addition, any necessary testing, cleaning and repair work are also conducted before these stairlifts are ready for resale.

Why Purchase Re-Conditioned?

A huge plus point for re-conditioned stairlifts is that they cost much less than their brand new counterparts. In addition, they can be installed much more quickly and have a proven record of workmanship. Just because you buy re-conditioned does not mean that the stairlift won’t be fitted to the measurement and contour of your staircase. Be rest assured that it will. However, you may not be able to choose minor details such as the seat color.

Why Purchase New?

Some people may prefer to purchase new, depending on their preferences. The pros of a new model are obvious: it comes in perfect condition, directly from the manufacturer. However, it can cost significantly more than a pre-conditioned stairlift and may also take longer to install. As they do not have a proven record of workmanship like their pre-conditioned counterparts, you may run into some minor “teething” problems as you get accustomed to your new stairlift.

Looking to Purchase New or Re-Conditioned Stairlifts?

Regardless of whether a new or refurbished stairlift makes the most sense for you, Freedom Stairlifts has what you are looking for. All our products come with valid warranties to give you peace of mind, and we will conduct a thorough evaluation before installing your stairlift. This includes measuring your staircase as well as accounting for its contour, whether it is curved, straight, or makes use of a combination. Your rails will be customized during installation just like with the purchase of a brand new stairlift. Today, many re-conditioned stairlifts come in as-new condition, which has made it an increasingly popular and budget-friendly option.

Since our inception in 2012, Freedom Stairlifts has been providing our clients with mobility solutions and are able to assist with every step of the process from delivery to installation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or would like to book a consultation.


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4/15 — 5 Ways Stairlifts Can Reduce Fall Risks

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