You may be thinking of getting a re-conditioned stairlift due to budget limitations, or simply because you don’t see the need to splash out on a new one. That is a wise choice. Today, there are many re-conditioned stairlifts on the market that function as new but go for a significantly lower price. Advancements over the past few years have also meant that stairlifts are no longer expensive items out of reach on an average income, and many re-conditioned models can be obtained at friendly prices You may be thinking of getting a re-conditioned stairlift due to budget limitations, or simply because.

When purchasing a re-conditioned stairlift, you may have concerns about the safety aspect. Does it being secondhand mean that safety is compromised? We can assure you that it is not, and that re-conditioned stairlifts are just as safe as brand new ones. Read on to find out more.

What Is A Re-Conditioned Stairlift?

Firstly, it helps to understand exactly what is meant by a re-conditioned stairlift. Yes, it is secondhand, having belonged to another user before. However, you will not be receiving it in the exact condition the previous owner left it in. This is because re-conditioned stairlifts are repaired and tested, with any worn out parts replaced and new cabling and rollers installed. Safety specifications must be met, and re-conditioned stairlifts also come with warranty plans to give buyers additional peace of mind.

However, you may not be able to choose the aesthetical details such as color of the seat. This is a valid trade-off to most people as re-conditioned stairlifts offer quite a significant sum in savings without compromising on safety and functioning, when compared to a brand new model.

Why Re-Conditioned?

A re-conditioned stairlift is installed just like a brand new one, including:

  • It will be fitted exactly to the measurement and contour of your staircase.
  • Quality will not be compromised.
  • It will be thoroughly tested for function and safety before and after the installation process.
  • Any worn or damaged parts will be replaced promptly.
  • Warranty plans are available for buyers.
  • It meets all safety regulations and specifications, including those of any necessary upgrades.

Are You Looking to Purchase A Re-Conditioned Stairlift?

So, you have decided that getting a refurbished stairlift makes the most sense for your needs and budget. The next step is to start looking for one that fits your staircase. Start the search with Freedom Stairlifts: we have a wide selection of re-conditioned stairlifts to fit curved staircases, narrow staircases and more. Before recommending and installing a stairlift in your home, we take the time to conduct a thorough evaluation, including paying a home visit where we can take measurements. Just like with the purchase of a brand new model, your rails will be customized during installation.  

At Freedom Stairlifts, we have been providing our clients with mobility solutions since and are able to assist with every step of the process from delivery to installation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or would like to book a consultation.

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