Curved Stair Lift Handicare Van Gogh

Are you looking for a single tubed curved stairlift that operates almost silently? If so, the Curved Stair Lift Handicare Van Gogh is exactly what you are looking for. If you are having trouble getting around your home due to mobility issues, get a stairlift installed to restore your sense of freedom and confidence.


About the Curved Stair Lift Handicare Van Gogh

The Curved Stair Lift Handicare Van Gogh is designed to be installed on the external bend of your staircase. Running almost silently, this compact design frees up space on the staircase for other users and the seat can be folded up when not in use. Even extremely narrow or steep staircases can make use of this model. It differs from the Curved Stair Lift Handicare Rembrandt in that it is installed on the longer edge of your staircase, otherwise, the two are similar in function and features. This model complies with the ASME 18.1, a safety standard for stairway chairlifts, so you can enjoy peace of mind for your safety at all times.

Why Choose Freedom Stairlifts?

As a certified staircase dealer that provides a range of indoor and outdoor staircase mobility solutions, Freedom Stairlifts always strives to offer the most competitive prices. Our staircase specialists will aim to understand your mobility needs as well as the type of staircase you have before recommending the most suitable product.

For more information about our Curved Stair Lift Handicare Van Gogh, feel free to contact us today.

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