The L3 refers to the Liberty 3 Enclosed Platform Lift which allow travels of up to 6 meters. The lift can be installed either outdoors or indoors and custom configuration can be done to suit your personal preferences in terms of the number of stops and directions you have in mind. If you are looking for durable and safe passenger lifts, inquire with Freedom Stairlifts for a broad variety of platform lifts in various customizable designs and sizes.


About the L3 Liberty 3 Enclosed Platform Lift

The Liberty 3 Enclosed Platform Lift comes in a series of sizes to suit different spaces. It also offers sensitive lighting options as well as a variety of colors to suit your own unique tastes. The Liberty 3 Enclosed Platform Lift is suitable to be fixed either indoors or outdoors with state-of-the-art features that can withstand basically any condition or climate. It is a strong and efficient platform lift that can carry multiple passengers at once up to a load of 400 kg. Passengers can enter and exit the L3 platform lift in multiple directions for convenience.

Why Choose Freedom Stairlifts?

Take the first step towards providing easy access to you, your family, and others by ordering the L3 Liberty 3 Enclosed Platform Lift from Freedom Stairlifts. Each of our lifts is thoroughly inspected and comes with warranties for peace of mind. Before placing an order, seek the professional advice of our experienced support team to purchase the platform lift that suits your personal needs. Our prices are competitive and our installation is fast and efficient.

For more information about our L3 Liberty 3 Enclosed Platform Lift, feel free to contact us today.

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