Stairlift Misconceptions You Need To Know

When it comes to stairlift misconceptions, they deal mostly with the following:

  • Getting stuck on the stairs in a power outage
  • Walls not sturdy enough for stair lift support
  • Size of stair lifts
  • Operating expenses
  • Overall cost

There are misguided thoughts surrounding each of these topics. To clear up these misconceptions and offer you – a potential stair lift purchaser/user – a better understanding and more peace of mind, we\’re going to discuss and clarify each of these areas of concern.

We’ll start off with the misguided notion that, if the power in your home goes out for some reason, you could get stuck on the stairs.

Power Outages

It\’s true that electricity powered stair lifts of old. Back then, a stair lift would stop working immediately when the power was cut. Not only was this highly inconvenient, it posed and extraordinarily high-risk safety threat! But this is no longer the case.

You still need electricity to charge the batteries of your stair lift, but they don’t operate the mechanism itself. Under the stair lift carriage, rechargeable batteries are hidden. Should your electricity fail for whatever reason, you can continue operating your stair lift thanks to its rechargeable batteries. As long as there is a charge in the batteries, the stair lift will continue to operate.

Worries About the Wall

People who are worried because they think their wall won\’t support a stair lift are clearly unfamiliar with how a stair lift is mounted. There are no wall mounts! To the staircase itself, the rail upon which a stair lift travels is attached (to the staircase treads). Across the entire length of the staircase, the weight of the user and stair lift are supported.

The Size of a Stair Lift

Overall, today\’s new and improved stair lifts are streamlined and nowhere near as cumbersome as those of old.

Numerous potential stair lift buyers may wonder about curved or cornering staircases, narrow staircases, etc. Granted, while one factor determining whether or not a stair lift can be installed is the width of the staircase, it is certainly not at the top of the list of issues. Stair lifts can be customized to fit in relatively narrow staircases. Special models are now manufactured specifically for curved or cornering stairways. (There are even outdoor models if you need assistance with steps outside your home.)

Very few staircases today present a problem so large that a stair lift cannot be installed and/or customized to fit. For any concerns regarding this topic, consult with the representative that visits your home for an evaluation prior to purchase and installation.

Is Operation Expensive?

In a word: No. 

After your stair lift is installed, your home\’s electric bill should experience no significant changes. Using roughly .024 kW of electricity, stairlifts are energy efficient and could cost under $15 annually. (This precise amount will vary depending upon rates in your area.)

Concern About The Overall Expense of a Stair Lift System

Today\’s stair lifts are surprisingly affordable. Naturally, how much you pay will depend on the following:

  • The brand you choose
  • Whether you opt for new, refurbished, or used, 
  • The company from whom you purchase… and more

Very generally speaking, however, to budget a stair lift for a stairway with approximately 12 to 14 steps, the purchase of a brand-new system could cost as much as $5000 or as little as $2000. Figure approximately $3500 and give yourself a plus or minus leeway. Make sure that you inquire about a warranty when you purchase your system.

Note: You may get part, or all, of your stair lift paid for by inquiring with any of the following options:

  • State-based programs
  • VA (Veterans Administration)
  • Medical insurance/Medicaid/Medicare
  • Federal government grants
  • Nonprofit organizations

Ready to Install a Stair Lift in Your Home?

Here at Freedom Stairlifts, we want to make sure that you are not only comfortable with the installation of a stair lift in your home, but that you have peace of mind regarding its operation, cost, safety, etc. At any time, we are more than happy to field questions you may have.

Contact us today to find out more about our stair lift solutions.


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4/15 — 5 Ways Stairlifts Can Reduce Fall Risks

Falls are a leading cause of injuries among seniors and individuals …

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