Tips To Follow For The Safe Usage Of Stair Lifts

Are you, or is someone you care about, having trouble maneuvering up and down stairs? If the answer is even marginally yes, one of the best solutions is the installation of a stair lift. With the new and improved models of today, people can once again regain their independence and move freely from floor to floor (level to level) comfortably and securely.

Though the risks of injury or falling are practically nonexistent, we are going to offer a few tips regarding the safe usage of stair lifts. By first reading and then adhering to these simple suggestions, you can better assure your well-being while enjoying your new freedom courtesy of a stair lift.

It\’s Not a Toy

While a child in your home may need to make use of a chairlift due to injury, a medical condition, etc., it should not be considered a toy or a plaything. Sure, it looks like fun, but it can be dangerous for a child without adult supervision. To limit the use of a stair chair safely, it can be powered off with a childproof feature.

Buckle Up!

Just like when you\’re riding in your vehicle, buckle up – and stay that way! It\’s a smooth ride, up and down those stairs. But while the stair lift is in motion, you should always remain buckled in. Possible injury could result from falling out of the chair because the seatbelt wasn\’t buckled.

Raise the Seat

That makes it sound like we are in a completely different part of the house, but we are still talking about the stairway and your stair lift! When your stair lift isn\’t in use, fold the seat up. This way, walkways will not be obstructed. While they are walking up and down the stairs, this helps keep others from injuring themselves.

One at a Time

Stair lifts are built for single person usage. They do, in fact, also have a weight limit. Even though more than one small person may be able to fit under the weight limit, riders must be kept to one singular person. Never overload your stair lift!

Transporting Items

Though you may be tempted to do so, transporting liquids via your stair lift is not recommended. If you must bring your drink or other liquid with you, we advise the use of a tightly lidded container. Your unit could be damaged if liquids spill on some components.

What to Wear

Whenever possible, loose clothing should not be worn while operating a stairlift. Try to limit the wearing of long jackets, blankets, long skirts, scarves, etc. They could get caught if they are dragging on the track. The unit will not run properly if they get caught underneath the lift.

It\’s Time to Enjoy Your New Stair Lift!

Freedom Stairlifts is the place to go for your new, easy-to-use stair chair lift. We offer same-day delivery and installation when needed, and 24-hour service. Installation is ultrafast. For unlimited live support, and the best price around, shop Freedom Stairlifts.

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4/15 — 5 Ways Stairlifts Can Reduce Fall Risks

Falls are a leading cause of injuries among seniors and individuals …

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