Do not be deceived by the common misperception about mobility issues. Apart from the elderly, just about anyone else may experience mobility issues as well. Some could be caused by an accident, whilst others are a result of illnesses. Regardless of your situation, you should not let your mobility issues affect how you go about your daily lives. Freedom Stairlifts offers various equipment for you to regain that independence of getting around the house by yourself.


About Equipment

Freedom Stairlifts offers equipment like wheelchair lifts to facilitate independent maneuvering of staircases. We have the straight wheelchair lift which is suitable for staircases that allow the equipment to travel in a simple straight line. It can support up to 500 pounds and provides an integrated seat option for the equipment to work as a stairlift. As for the vertical lift, clients are able to customize their drive options, platform sizes, and any other accompanying accessories to suit their needs.

What We Offer

Below is a list of our most popular equipment:

  • Straight Wheelchair Lift Sierra IL500
  • Wheelchair Lift Highlander CPL400
  • CPL Model EPL400-1400

Benefits of Installing Equipment

The equipment provided by Freedom Stairlifts enables the direct transportation of people along with their wheelchairs from the bottom to the top and vice versa. There isn't a need for the user to dismount their wheelchairs which may not be a possible option for some, depending on the condition of their health. Thus, our equipment is meant to provide a comfortable and convenient ride up and down staircases or other vertical barriers for wheelchair users who can do so on their own without assistance.

When Should You Install Equipment?

Our equipment is recommended for wheelchair users who need to get up and down staircases on their own. Independent users who may be living alone would require no extra help as our wheelchair lifts are able to transport them up and downstairs and other vertical barriers together with their wheelchairs. This way, they can easily move around the house without waiting for others to come and render assistance before being able to get from one place to another.

Choose Freedom Stairlifts for Reliable Equipment

Freedom Stairlifts is a certified dealer of Acorn, Handicare, and Harmar brands in New York City. We have been providing stairlift solutions since 2012 with the objective of enabling everyone to gain mobility independence regardless of their medical condition. The quality of our products is guaranteed with more than 60 5-star reviews on Google recommended by users from all over Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York City, and Connecticut. We have solutions for every type of staircases and vertical barriers that get delivered within the same day or in a 24-hours timeframe to allow immediate usage. Now, just about anyone can get around their own house without needing to wait for assistance.


If you want to know more about our equipment and their specifications, do not hesitate to contact us today. Feel free to call Freedom Stairlifts at +1 (516) 494-9794 or 1+ (877) 677-LIFT (5438). Alternatively, you may also email us at